Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Easter Bonnet that finally won the prize!

When you look at this picture, it looks pretty unremarkable doesn't it? Well, you won't look at it the same way once you know the story behind it.

I have been making Easter bonnets for my kids ever since they needed one for their nursery parade. The added attraction was that it was also a competition.

Now, this full time mom starved-of-creative -challenges, loved the idea of securing it (a long shot since I had no idea about the concept!).

So then on began my quest to find the right idea on the internet.

So the first time, after much research and spending a fortune on Poundland, I came up with a bonnet that was cute and painstaking. I took it with pride to the nursery, only to discover there were bonnets which did not have the accessories but were completely original in style and making.

Hmm,,, next year was more of a struggle, because there was no time - with a baby in one hand and toddler in other, my creative pursuit had to put on the backburner. I came up with one nonetheless, but it was no way as good as I would have liked.

Cut to a couple of years, my creative interest did not wane and I found myself looking for ideas for that dream prize winning easter bonnet.

Cheeky was in school. She did not needs bonnets anymore, but Aadi still needed one for his upcoming Easter parade.

Finally after 4 years, this year Aadi was grinning away(I was whooping in delight) when they called out his name for the certificate and first prize!

To be honest, there were beautiful and fanciful bonnets out there, but what clinched it for me, was the fact that the kids helped me do it and it showed.

Funnily enough, this bonnet came out of nothing but recycled materials. The head was made of cereal box, the flowers made of white paper, green tissue paper was a leftover from a previous project and the stalks are bamboo skewers.

Moral of the story: You don't need to spend to make a decent hat when you have the right creative idea.

A huge thanks to for the wonderful idea.

You can check out their link below:

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