Tuesday, 24 May 2016

In A Dark House - Deborah Crombie

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Another great read in the Kincaid James Series.

As said earlier, in Leave the Grave Green, one of the earlier novels, where Crombie seemed to be just about getting her bearings. But the second one, In A Dark House, she seems to be in her element and got it spot on.

The story clearly works and was a very interesting read too. Crombie's maturity in handling the characters as well as drawing the reader in is superb in this one.


There are a few isolated incidents - a corpse found in a warehouse, a woman gone missing as reported by her housemate, and not too far away a woman holding a 10 year old girla hostage.

It falls to Kincaid and incidentally, James to unravel the connection between the incidents and bring them to their conclusion.

Meanwhile, a lot has happened in their personal life. Though not working as partners anymore, they are a couple and trying to build a home for their children from other relationships. While the domestic front demands attention, their professional lives are under trial as they pursue the case with diligence.

What works:

  • Loved the way the sub plots are introduced and developed. It kept me guessing and marvelling at the storytelling.
  • The characters of Duncan and Gemma are developing very well and offers a dimension by happenings in their domestic life. 
  • I have always loved the way Crombie meshes the domestic and professional of the characters so well. It adds depth to the characters while adding interest to the plot.
  • There is a lot of woman characters and it is very interesting the way Crombie paints them in different shades.

 What doesn't:

  • However with different sub plots, it does take some time to get on track with what Crombie is getting it but they are managed well and the suspense is good too. It certainly had me hooked.

A story that works so well. An enjoyable read that can be easily finished in a couple of sittings.

One of the better ones in this series definitely.

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