Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My first half term break

(I recovered this post when I had written it about a year and a half ago. I found this only recently and This seems like a great place to share the experience.)

As a mum of newly joined school going daughter, I was a bit worried when the February half term holidays drew near.

All the parenting websites, TV ads urged me to choose from different options for a stimulating holiday break. After all, at school they are engaged in activites and may need some while at home too, won't they?

Although, this was not technically our first half term,(the October break was the first) and for Christmas holidays we were in India, leaving the day after the school broke up and arriving a week after the school resumed, somehow this time around I really felt the pressure to make sure I had an variety of activities for each day of the week.

Weeks in advance, I began asking around for possible options with other school going mums who shared their plans. So, one day it was a crafts afternoon t the library, another day a movie experience and go-karting at the leisure centre.

It was only a week long break but they seemed to stretch for so long! Cheeky did not need to be entertained all the time. After all, she is at an age when the TV and tablet serve as able companions that she never asks me to spare time anymore.

It was just that we had to get out every day for a few hours at least to tell ourselves that we had an interesting time doing something other than plonking on the sofa with a gadget.

So anyway, Day 1 the crafts session was a hit, Cheeky had fun with friends from school who turned up at the event. Day two, movie was alright, although Cheeky was more fascinated with the idea of sitting in front of a wide screen munching popcorn. Go karting was fun although I feel a bit shortchanged for the money they charged for it. Finally one day running out of options and taking the advantage of a sunny day, we spent a morning at the park, on the slides and rounabouts.

However, there was nothing to do on Friday and finally we decided to give ourselves a break. I got on with the daily chores whereas cheeky decided to keep herself amused.

I was relieved to get ready for the school week. I can now enjoy a break for the next 6 weeks. But no, easter holidays will be here soon, putting me under pressure!

And they say it gets easier when school starts!

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