As a child, I was always the one to be found in a corner with a book in hand. Years later, this passion turned into a profession when I became a journalist with Times of India.

Life moved on and so did I from India to the UK. I still remember arriving here as a newly wed bride shivering more from cold than the prospect of entering an unknown life.

A lot has happened since then. A new life, two wonderful children and a novel cultural perspective are just some of them. One thing didn't change though - the love for the written word. The result is this blog. It offers freedom from the trappings of the audience-driven format of a broadsheet.

My creative instinct doesn't apply to just words but includes food too. What started off as a need based activity is now a much loved indulgence. Now that I have overcomed the "hiccups" (read kitchen disasters) my culinery experiments are a hit with the family!

Arts and crafts for kids is yet another surprising discovery. It is amazing how kids appeal to one's creative instinct. It began as an option to keep them occupied, but now is a fascinating inclination. Often, you will find me looking at discarded cardboard boxes as potential art projects, albeit not necessarily a successful one!

Anyway, this space is designed to celebrate my love for books and life.
If you like what you read, do drop a line.

It keeps the motivation levels up, when self doubt kicks in .


  1. The blog on the reunion made me go through your other blogs as well. It's amazing how multifaceted and good you are in whatever you do, reading and writing being quite evident. I haven't read most of the books you have blogged about, nevertheless, liked your take on it as it didn't seem opinionated. I enjoyed reading the slip-in blogs about your family and you, definitely not just 'onerightword' but many. Great going girl. Wishing you luck in whatever you do.

    1. You made my day with your kind words, Mandakini! Much appreciated!