Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Weekend In Wales

I have always loved Wales ever since my first visit years ago. We have been there many times and each time it has been a better experience than before.

Often I find myself defending the place against the staunch Scottish and English nationalists. Yes, it rains a lot and the initial impression is that there are more sheep than people in Wales, but hey, it is unspoilt and retains its pristine, natural look!

Besides, I like the place more because of some lovely friends who play excellent hosts. With a house as big as their hearts, they pull out all stops to ensure we have a good time. I realise we are very lucky to enjoy such hospitality and this post is my way of appreciating the beauty of Wales and the friends who have made it their home.

This bank holiday weekend, we set of as a group of 5 families to Pembrokeshire, a pictureseque county in Wales. The cottages was snug and cosy, located well within the serene atmosphere of St. Florence.

We arrived at the dead of the night on a Friday and to be honest in the pitch dark we did feel like we were moving right in the middle of nowhere. But as the day dawned, unveiling the beautiful scenary, it felt great and we set off to explore.
  • Dinosaur Park
It was a mini theme wtih rides and a trail that had interesting nuggets of information for children to fill their info sheets with. There were a number of rides for the kids to try their hands on. Zorbing, bungee jumping, boat rides, the park had something for everyone and on a bright sunny day like this we went all out, making a beeline for one ride after another.

Besides, the fact that it was a dry day meant we made the most of the place. There was also a ride into a dinosaur park where the visitors were taken on a stroll to see how some new dinosaurs inmates were settling in. It was entertaining and the kids had a great time checking out the huge figures and their bellowing vocals! There was also a cafe nearby which was ideal to appease rumbling stomachs. That rounded off with an ice cream made it an ideal day out for the kiddies!

The holiday was not only about the kids. We found something for adults too. While it was raining on Sunday, we headed to a Go Karting area nearby which called out to the adrenaline rush of the adults. It was a great experience and while the daddies had a go, the kiddies got into a really competitive mode, cheering their dads.  It became serious after a point when the kids began to argue whose daddy was the winner!

After the sessions ended, the dads conceded that one had to have a good wrist control to move better - hearing this, the ladies who had planned to go next, decided to give it a miss and moved on.

We did not have great weather through the weekend. But when we did,  we made the most of it. Tenby beach was another lovely place to be on a beautiful sunny day. Although the water was still cold, the kids had fun making sand castles while the adults had a quick round of football. A couple of dads actually managed to catch some naptime amidst of it! For some of us, it was fun sitting on the beach watching the waves lick the shore, sipping cappuchinos, watching the world go by. At times, doing nothing is the best form of relaxation! It was obvious that others had a similar idea to ours as the beach was full with people thronging the beach for a similar experience!

Overall a great weekend getaway. While we spent the days at these gorgeous places, it was great to relax in the evenings in the cottage. The kids were happy to settle in with a movie or board games, while us adults enjoyed great banter, basking in the warmth of friendship.

We headed back home on Monday, having had a great holiday feeling completely relaxed.

We were lucky to have a bunch of friends who were great sports and excellent company. It was the first time we were all spending a holiday together and we unanimously agreed, the experience was worth repeating.

The search is on for the next holiday destination!

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