Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Well Schooled in Murder - Elizabeth George

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A complex murder mystery typical of Elizabeth George.
I have enjoyed most of her books mainly because she manipulates the genre so well. Her stories are not only about who did it but the circumstances, the psychology that goes behind in the killing.

Her stories are mature and handled skillfully. It is amazing to get acquainted with the characters and get to know them so well. However, although I admire her skills, the plot themselves are quite dark and disturbing. I have to admit this one left me a bit uncomfortable, may be because I am a bit vulnerable when it comes to crimes against children.


A school boy is murdered in a posh boarding school. Lynley and Barbara are called in to solve and in doing so they enter the confines of an elite institiution that is burdened under its own nasty secrets.

What works:

The plot is complex and is layered with mystery. George unravels layer by layer to unearth the real story and thereby lies the pleasure of reading it.

Great characters. George's characters are so well etched, that it is difficult to stand in judgment against them.

What doesn't:

The trouble with such well etched characters and complex plots is that they take a lot of space and this slows the pace. The story takes a while to take off and requires patience on the part of the reader.

Overall a great read. If you are in the mood for something challenging in crime genre then this one will appeal to you.

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