Monday, 9 January 2017

The BFG - Roald Dahl

A treat for adults and kids alike!

It was Roald Dahl's 100 birth anniversary in 2016 and thanks to the celebrations last year, I read my first Roald Dahl ever - and enjoyed it ! What was special was the author was a new introduction to me and my 6-year-old daughter. Together we discovered the joys of reading Dahl. 

We have watched the Matilda DVD numerous times and seen Charlie and the chocolate factory on TV. But this was our first book.

Besides, the movie BFG was out last summer and since we couldn't catch it, we decided to devour the book instead. It took a lot of bedtime reading sittings to read it through, but it opened my eyes to the brilliance of Roald Dahl.


The story is about Sophie a little orphan girl and BFG - big friendly giant. One night, BFG whisks Sophie from her bed with him to his land.

She quickly finds out that this giant is different from the rest. He blows dreams into windows. Sophie learns about the giants who inhabit a different world and come to human world eat children. Together, she decides to put an end to with the help of BFG and  - the Queen.

What works:
  • The supremely creative way of giving BFG a new voice, a new language
  • The conversations between Sophie and BFG are very endearing. 
  • The entire premise is so fantastical and unreal, yet Dahl manages to infuse conviction into them.
What doesn't:

My 6-year-old found the going a bit tough at times. Perhaps 6 is a bit too young, but then I was so eager to introduce Dahl to her that I ignored the fact. But now that she has read it, she has watched the movie and can't stop talking about the book.

Funnily, Dahl was never a part of my childhood. Enid Blyton dominated my shelves then. But living in the UK, Dahl has been part of every generation's childhood. I intend to make sure he is a part of my children's growing up years.

A must read for every child. 6+ preferably. 

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