Saturday, 21 January 2017

Cruising through the Cracks

What started out as a random attempt is now becoming a fruitful association. Super thrilled to be published in Writer's Ezine latest issue. There is nothing like seeing your name in print!

Below is the entry for the picture prompt released for the magazine: 

The punishing sun burns everything in sight.
The battered land is now bereft of life
Forlorn farmer looks around, perks up,
At a wild weed, rising from its place of birth.

Her made up face is ready for the charade
That face of eternal beauty is just a facade
She is happy to strip it off, reveal the cracks
For that one soulful connection that her heart lacks.

The youthful heart was mourning love's loss
His ego bruised, his life up in knots,
Shirking life, he feels no reason to survive
Until, a new face walks by and he revives.

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