Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Place of Hiding - Elizabeth George

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Another enjoyable mystery by a favourite author.

I admire George's ability to draw out the complexities of her characters. When reading her book, I can look forward not only to a complex who dunnit but also witness the drama that unfolds in the lives of her main characters.

The recurring characters of Deborah, Simon and of course Lynley and Helen are so well etched that with each book, it is like revisiting old friends.

She unfolds the complexities of the characters, their relationships so well that with each book, you feel like you know the characters a bit more.


Deborah is trying to launch her career and in the midst of it, finds a friend from the past knocking on their door for help.

China Rivers, a close friend from Deborah's time in the US, is accused of murder in the island of Guernsey and seeks Deborah's assistance.

Deborah drags Simon along to the island, but what begins as a step to clearing China's name ends up unravelling a spool of secrets.

What works:
  • The characters. They are real and you feel so close to them mentally.
  • The story. George sets out her story so well. Laying a plot in a isolated place like Guernsey but with a rich historical past, is simply great. Reading the story felt like visiting the island. Brilliant.
  • The complexities. A whodunnit is quite simple. Someone is murdered. By the end of the story you get to the point when it is revealed, who that is. But what makes it extraordinary is the way story is laid and that is where this book scores.
What doesn't:
  • Although the characters are laid out well, sometimes too much information can bog down the plot a bit. It tends to get a bit slow and weighs heavily on the story. 

Overall a great read. A fascinating who dunnit by a writer I much admire.

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