Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Poetic Interlude

I am pretty chuffed about some news I just received and this seems the right place to share it.

Sometime back, I scribbled out some lines for a poetry contest at our local library. I say scribbled because poetry is not my forte and I just dabble in it.

The theme was light and since it was October, my choice was Diwali.

I got a call informing me that mine was the winning entry and that a £10 voucher was awaiting me.

It took me back to the time when I was about 7. During school holidays, lying in my bed bored, I would jot down mundane details of my day in a "poetry" format and show it to dad. I still have the notebook after all these years. My dad who would see it at the end of a long working day, would read each line and award me with words of encouragement. Never once do I remember him saying it could have been better, that I need to work just a bit more. Just plain unconditional appreciation.

It taught me an important lesson in parenting. Kids need you to be a non critical audience of their creative pursuits. They do need direction, but what they really need first is your blind approval.

Thanks to you Daddy, I finally managed to get a poem out there that was considered good enough to win the top prize.

This is for you Dad:

The Light

We call it the festival of Light;

A time when all houses are lit up bright.

A celebration of the good over the evil,

Wishing happiness to all, bearing no will.

The Light is crucial, it holds great significance,

As we turn towards God with utmost reverence.

We marvel at the miracle of Lord Krishna,

When he vanquished the evil demon Narakasura.

Dispeling the dark, he restored light and harmony,

Peace and prosperity to all, is the gist of "Diwali".

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