Sunday, 13 September 2015

Escape the Night - Richard North Patterson

Interesting plot, however let down by a dated style.

Being an ardent Richard Patterson fan, I picked up unmindful of what the story was. I was disappointed. This seems like Patterson's earlier novels.


The story is about a publishing magnate family, the Careys and how events within the family and outside changes their fortunes.
Peter Carey, heir to inherit a publishing empire, carries ghosts of his past. He suffers from nightmares after surviving an accident that killed his parents. The accident left his psyche so deeply hurt that it effects his future relationships as well. Now as he stands to take over his inheritance, there are forces that want to stop from getting to the helm.

What works:
  • Patterson has a way with his characters. His characters are well etched and the reader has the chance to understand them very well and connect to their psyche.
  • The story starts off interesting. The patriach Carey's relationship with his two sons Charles and Phillips and the relationship between Charles and Peter is shown with great depth and insight.
  • His stories are always high on the psychological aspect and this story is well embeded in the psychological goings of the main characters. 
What doesn't:
  • The plot thought starts well, gets too mired in the psychological aspect of it all.
  • So much of it is focussed in the mind, that it affects the pace of the novel.
  • A good story always makes you want to turn that one page more before closing it for the moment. This one doesn't.
  • The story gets so convulted at places, that it takes determination on the part of the reader to hold steadfast with the story.
  • The book was written way back in 1983. Perhaps that explains the dated style which does not add to the story in any way.
I was surprised the good reviews that this book has got on other sites. I don't know what they got that was lost on me. However, I will stick to my feelings and maintain my stand. 

Patterson has many others which are more enjoyable that this one. This one just did not work for me.

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