Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Flash Fiction Day 2020

What a busy weekend it has been! Time well spent participating in the Flash fiction day celebrations, thanks to the amazing team who put it all together.

June 6 was the National Flash Fiction Day (NFFD) and the festivities started early with Flash flood. It was indeed a flood with pieces being released every 10 minutes throughout the day, from talents from different parts of the world.

The afternoon was claimed by the stimulating session by Jude Higgins "Dreams into fiction." Her session was all about turning a fragment of a dream and exploring different angles to generate flash. We had to write for few minutes and move to smaller groups to discuss our experience. I really enjoyed chatting with like minded people: there was warmth and encouragement all round.

On Sunday the NFFD Write In went live where writers were invited to write pieces from the 25 prompts on the blog.

I went for the prompt Storm at Sea and was chuffed to see that it was published within hours!


And just as I was about to sign off this post...I just noticed another one has been accepted! This was a tricky one where the story had to be written in reverse and I spent a good part of Sunday afternoon struggling over it. I did not have much hope, it felt it still needed a lot of work. But thrilled to see it up there!


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