Sunday, 7 April 2019

Behind Her Eyes - Sarah Pinborough

An edge of the seat thriller.

The succes of Gone Girl and Girl on the train seems to have unleashed torrent of domestic noir into the reading world. Pinborough came highly recommended to my by my librarian and I can see why.

I have read some domestic novels and though they all sound good they really fall short somewhere along the way. It is usually an atmospheric experience that ends up being a dampner. However, glad to say, not with this one.


David a handsome doctor ends up unknowingly having a date with a woman. He realises the next day at his new workplace - that is his secretary.

Louise, the secretary who realises the next day what a big mistake it was. She meets the doctors' wife and later and finds a friend in her.

Adele, the fragile beauty who has no friends. She seems lonely and yet so perfect. Her soft persona and self deprecating wit endears her to Louise.

The handsome doctor, the perfect wife - why was the doctor at the bar then? wonders Louise. Are they really who they seem they are?

What works:
  • Pinborough has an arresting way of telling a story. Her first chapter starts right in the middle. It took me a couple of readings to find my feet. From then on it was a roll.
  • A quick read, with a racy plot and a complex narrative. Fits well with a twisty thriller.
  • I loved the quirky style. The way the chapters are divided into character's version is a favourite with me.
  • There are only characters and therefore 3 versions of a story. it is amazing how these versions pull the story forward,
What doesn't:
  • It requires a certain investment from the reader. For the casual reader who cannot be bothered to adhere to the story's demands, it can be a put off.

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