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And Then One Day - Naseerruddin Shah

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A great actor, an OK biography

Shah is an acclaimed actor someone who is highly respected for his acting prowess and for creating the kind of repution he has.

I loved watching him way back as Hero Hiralal to the villian in Krrish 3. He is one of the few actors who have an amazing range of acting capability. The funny thing with actors is that once you watch them enough on screen, there is a sort of kinship with them, a bonding a sense of having known them to a certain level.

 I was in India at a relative's place when his stark black and red cover beckoned me over to the bookshelf. The book cover was incredibly fascinating and the name on the book forced me to pick it up and have a quite read through.


Like any autobiography it takes us through the childhood, the making of the individual before it moves towards his acting days  early and late ones and the ramifications of it on his personal life.

What works:
  • The style is open, frank as if no holds barreed. 
  • The stories are entertaining and it was fascinating how these actors had to struggle to make their mark as the shining beacons as they are today.
  • It is about the Hindi film industry and it amazing how he and his wife were part of this elite set 
What doesn't:
  • The language is a bit old school and is a bit dated. In this day of blogging where short sentences create most impact, the long sentences and winding narrative tends to slow the narrative down.
  • The memoir is honest and with good intentions. However, it is devoid of masala or gossip. Shah doesn't name and shame much and the reader is not his confidante. Therein was my problem.
  • A loved one told me the other day, that they found it enjoyable. Sadly, I didn't. It was well written unfortunately not enough substance for me to register it as an enjoyable experience.

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