Sunday, 23 July 2017

A Forgotten Affair - Kanchana Banerjee

breezy romance thriller with a woman centric plot.

My India trip was filled with treats this time around. I had a set of books waiting for me at home - a prize I had won in a competition. Banerjee's book was part of the set and came as an interesting well structured read.


Sagarika loses her memory in an accident - that is what the doctors tell her when she wakes up and finds her husband by her side. She tries to piece things together but finds it deeplyunsettling. There are some triggers that nag her consciousness: a scent, a word that fills her wit inexplicable emotions. Her husband waits on her hand and foot and yet she feels uncomfortable around him. Why? She struggles to find out her past, so far away from home, where her husband whisks her away to convalesce.

What works:
  • The characters. Sagarika and Rishab are well etched. Their behaviour are in sync with their back stories. 
  • Also the introductory chapters - they are swift, set the scene well and pull the reader straight in.
  • The story moves at a good pace. Sagarika's struggle to piece together her life, as she takes the reader along with her is a fascinating journey.
  • Although the cover jacket screams romance, there is suspense and intrigue that keeps the story moving.
  • The story is structured well and the narrative strong and smooth.
What doesn't:
  • Loved the pace of the story and also the way Banerjee chose to end the story. However, the the finale or the showdown seemed a bit abrupt. The build up was so good that the reader goes in expecting action and ends up feeling a bit shortchanged. 
  • It would have been great to more about the peripheral characters, Deepa and Amrita. They were interesting personas and a subplot would have done them more justice.
A fast track read, good for that rainy day weekend.

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