Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The other Child - Lucy Atkins

A compelling thriller with a great plot.

I have been reading a lot of thrillers lately and somehow they seem to centre around domesticity. It is amazing how these writers churn out thrillers from the mundane domestic lives. But then that is what makes a good writer. I had never heard of this author before but I liked the premise. 

I looked her up and found this was her first book but her approach felt quite "different"  and refreshing to other writers. 


Tess is a photographer and mum to Joe. She meets Grey, a paediatric  surgeon and falls in love with him. Things move fast when becomes pregnant and they decide to marry. She decides to fold up her life in the UK and moves to the States to be with him. However, things don't go to plan. She finds adjusting difficult and Greg too distant. Weird things start happening around the house and secrets are waiting to tumble out of the closet.Tess needs to find out what it is and whether it was worth building this new life.

What works:
  • The writing style. It is compelling and forces you to stick to it. I was reading an Elizabeth George novel alongside and had to abandon it to get to the end of this gripping story.
  • The plot. I am always fascinated by the English and the Americans. Atkins brings out the cultural differences so well and perceptibly so.
  • The characters are strong. Tess and Greg are great protagnists and it is very easy to relate to them. Atkins uses lack of communication so well to build tension in the story. 
  • What was also different was the ending. It results in Tess making a choice. I loved the way it ended, which gave the story a very contemporary feel to it. 

What doesn't:
  • Halfway through the book, the plot was becoming slightly predictable and it felt like Atkins was creating suspense and twists to confuse things. Thankfully, when the confrontation and action takes over and made for a superb rollercoaster ride.
For me, a basic criteria for a good book is that it should keep me hooked. This one did and quite enjoyably so. Since her next book is out only next year, I am on a lookout for her debut novel. 


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