Tuesday, 4 October 2016

When the Swings fall silent....

When the Swings fall silent..

The silence at the swings is deafening, forlorn,
As if their hearts from the bodies lay torn,

Waiting in vain for the shrieks and cries,
Of restless bodies jumping in, swinging high,

It is a long wait through the bleak winter,
Driving the children indoors to linger

No more fresh air, the mothers moan,
The swing is their respite, they groan

When the kids run and roam in glee,
There is mirth and enjoyment for free

When holed up in a concrete box,
They succumb to the lure of the x-box

Alas! Kids are busy improving scores,
Stepping out is now becoming a chore

The lonely swing calls out in a desperate bid,
Amid scary talks of a new build;

If the children do not come out soon,
The swings have to make way for more roofs.

Just when hopes are about to slither and die,
Look! The winter is bidding goodbye,
Heralding the brightening, warm sky

All is well as Summer beckons clear;
Followed by their rustling feet and loud cheer!

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