Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Bones of You - Debbie Howells

A chilling story that had me hooked till the end.

I randomly picked up this book from my local library. The jacket and the premise sounded good and good thriller always tugs my heart.

The moment I ran through the initial pages, gosh it was so compelling, I had to keep going till the end.

I was surprised to realise this was a 2015 book and heard no hype about it. Although the jacket was full of great reviews obviously a marketing strategy, this one is really good. I thought it had its place with other bestsellers slike Girl on the Train and I let you go (that is what it says on the cover). Really good.


In a sleepy picturesque village, Rosie, a quiet teenager is found missing - later her body is discovered in the woods. It rocks the local community and Kate, the neighbour of the bereaved family finds herself pulled into the situation. There are doubts and lingering feelings that she is unable to shake off. She soon finds herself right in the midst of the turbulence that uproots the family from its roots.

What works:
  • The narrative. Very powerful and from the word go, it forces you to get into the story and keep plough through various bits of information.
  • I loved how the story reveals itself as layer by layer. With each bit of information, the truth slowly floats towards the surface, a bit bizarre, unexpected yet convincing.
  • The style.There are so many perspectives and each one offers a different dimension of the situation. Very well done and well crafted.
  • The characters. The flawed and the complex thoughts of the characters are shown so well. Very interesting.
What doesn't:
  • It is a disturbing and a sinister story. I remember feeling uncomfortable, in the dark night, reading some passages. I am not sure if that was my state of mind or the amazing capability of the writer to stir emotions in her reader.
I couldn't help wondering that domestic abuse seems to be a favourite theme with crime writers these days. Of late, it seems to be the best choice for many a crime thriller plot. 

In each book though, Girl on the Train, I let you go and Bones of You, there is a different reaction to the way domestic abuse to borne by the victims. That's it, I am not saying any more lest I spoil it for you.

A superb read. I will be looking out for more from the author.

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