Thursday, 9 June 2016

It feels good to see your name in print!

Writer's Ezine is a great place for budding and established writers. It not only offers a platform for budding writers but also offers challenges the skills of its regular contributors.

The online magazine which disappeared a few months back has now arrived in its new avataar as a quarterly. As is the practice, a prompt - an image - was introduced to invite responses and  then published if deemed worthy of merit.

The image was:

My response to it was in the form of a poem. The poem was Goodbye My Love, which talks about the mother hugging the child one last time before seeing her off to a better future without her.

Few days back I got a line saying they were happy to publish it and soon enough, the online edition went live. Here is the link:

I also got some interesting responses. Family were quite appreciative as usual but one of my friends texted me saying she couldn't fathom why I had such a heavy and a dark vision. She began worrying about my state of mind and was relieved to hear it was actually a response to a prompt and not the output of any dark, repressed secret!

Nonetheless, a writer thrives on appreciation and publication of this poem has reiterated that I have scope and that my writing has an audience.

That is enough for me to soldier on till the next milestone.

Thanks Arti, of WE again!

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