Wednesday, 20 January 2016

All Shall Be Well - Deborah Crombie

A good read better than the first one.

The second one is definitely better than the first. You are probably wondering why this Deborah Crombie overdose. Well, I had to read the second one since I had them both as an omnibus.

So coming back to the review, I liked this one more because the characters now had a dimension to their personalities. Even the victim's persona is that of a child of a Raj seemed like an interesting touch adding value to the story itself.

This one too was a quick read and therefore it did not take me long to get the review here.

Jasmine suffers from cancer and leads a quiet existence attended by her nurse and a few close friends. She lives on the same apartment as Duncan and is good friends with him. It was common knowledge that she did not have long to live, Her death,therefore, does not come as a surprise. There is a shocking revelation when a close friend suggests that Jasmine was planning euthanasia but changed her mind at the last minute. 

It sows the seed of suspicion. Matters are complicated further when her will throws unfavourable light on some of the suspects. 

Kincaid and Gemma get on the case to find out truth even as Kincaid finds it hard not to be emotional about his neighbour's demise.

What works:
  • The style gets better in this one. It is crisp and introduces the characters well. The added dimensions of a child of the Raj and a major who has served in India provided some interesting character studies. It makes you appreciate the research of an author who has lived in the US not the UK and must have worked hard to get her facts right.
  • The writing is good and flows well. 
What doesn't:
  • Although as the story keeps pace there is a bit of an abrupt turn when things come to a point where the complications are untangled and a resolution is in sight. 
Overall a fast racy read.

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