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The Last Dance and other stories - Victoria Hislop

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A glimpse into Greece life.

Having been to this fascinating place, I was intrigued by this book which offered a glimpse into the Greeks and their way of life.

I am mesmerised by the country, I have to admit. Despite their troubling economy, the place is very tourist friendly, rich in history and a fantastic getaway.

After all, the Greeks were said to be the most innovative in their time apart from being the oldest civilisations in the world. Besides, for me, another clincher is their similarity with the Indian cultures in terms of good food and close families.

So I picked it up with the idea of reading about a much loved place. As has become a habit, I checked the reviews and found quite a few that were not too encouraging. It was time to check it out and decide for myself.

What works:
  • The pages instantly transport you to where the islands come to life during the tourist season and where life buzzes in the most remote islands.
  • Greek words used in abundance reflecting the writer's comfort and confidence in the place and its culture.
  • The stories are pleasant to read and offer a sneak peak into the Greek way of life.
What doesn't:
  • Though the stories give you a slice of the people and the way they function, the stories leave you feeling a bit shortchanged.
  • Apart from the Greek flavour, the stories do not offer much in terms of plot.
  • Though some of the stories I really enjoyed, there were some that left me hanging there wondering where was Hislop going with it.
 Hislop has based a lot of her books in Greece which has been won much appreciated. However, these set of stories do not satiate the curiosity that is piqued by its promising cover.

Pick up one of her novels instead.

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