Saturday, 1 August 2015

Myth=Mithya Hindu Mythology Decoded by Devadutt Pattanaik
A book that encapsulates all the Amar Chitra Kathas(ACK)  I have read in my childhood.

I love ACK. I think they are the most fascinating books for kids and provide a great introduction to Indian mythology. I am trying to get my daughter interested in these books. I really hope she too will be enamoured by the illustrations, and learn to love them.


The books touches upon the various gods and goddesses that form the Indian mythology and also the religious texts. It has a very interesting structure as it talks about the various practices and beliefs and connects the stories to mythological characters.

What works:
  • Everything. Pattanaik has done his research well as he touches upon the cultural beliefs of various communities in India. He is obviously well read and does a very skillful attempt at amalgamating all in the text.
  • The points discussed are most complex in theological and spiritual aspects but the text is engaging and the language simple. A delight to go through it.  
  • As the author himself says, that you can dip in and out without reading in a linear fashion. This in turn offers great flexibility to the reader to grasp the various aspects and revisit them whenever they wish.
  • The illustrations add to the value of the text and add to the clarity offered by the narrative.
  • The structure is well very constructed. It flows well and the matter discussed is clear and concise.
  • I take pride in the fact that I know my indian mythology but reading this book left me a bit more enlightened than before and enriched my understanding of it.
What doesn't:
  • I love this book because I am interested in Indian mythology. For a person not so keen, I am not sure enjoyable the book will be.
A great read for anyone interested in Indian mythology.

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