Friday, 10 July 2015

So long, farewell...
...And so my daughter is at school on the last day of her academic year. How quickly has time sped by! I remember doing a post about her first day at reception and here I am writing about the last day of the school year already!

I just got back from the last assembly at Cheeky's school, also called the leaver's assembly for the final year children. I have a long way to go before I join those parents, gripping the tissue and holding back tears. Nevertheless, it was an emotionally charged atmosphere, offering a peek into how the school celebrated its wards and wished them luck for future.

It took me back to my days at a similar primary school. I remember feeling very secure and confident and some of my best childhood memories stem from that school. I recall it as a place that celebrated me as a star and doused me with affection. I suppose these year 6 kids must feel the same. Their camaraderie with their teachers was quite obvious, especially as teachers choked over their words with emotion when talking about their pupils.

What was touching was Cheeky's class teacher's speech, also leaving the school for personal reasons. She told us parents that we could not have chosen a better place for our kids education. Her emotions were evident when she talked about how the school supported her and her family through some tough times.It was reassuring to see the staff value the school, also a reflection of the school's treatment of its assets.

It was indeed a familial atmosphere where boxes of tissues were generously passed around when leavers stood up to sing their friendship song. The words were so apt for the occasion that it touched many a dispassionate heart.

Sitting through the speeches, the songs, the surge of emotions, I felt a sense of peace.

I have chosen the right school for my little girl.

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