Sunday, 2 March 2014

Alphabet Sisters - Monica Mcinerney

The alphabet sisters is about three sisters, once very close till a major rift draws them apart, after one of the sisters marries the other's boyfriend. 

However, the girls' grandmother has kept in touch with them over the years and insists on having them come over for her 80th party. Well, so much for hidden agendas to get them together once again but it is the ease with which the story flows that makes it a crackling read. 

The novel particularly delights in some witty conversations, the repartee between the sisters and their grandmother. Mcinerney is clearly at home when she talks of bonding between sisters and family relationships (apparently she comes from a large family full of siblings) . The dialogues are a joy to read and once can easily relate to the situations in the plot as the story moves between the past and the present during their teenage years and their adult lives. 

My only complaint is that it tends to meander a bit, but I suppose when it comes to talking about emotions and feelings, a bit of a wide berth is called for. 

Over all a warm and frothy summer read. Recommended for anyone who understands what it is like to have siblings.

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